Warroad is a hockey company, renowned for its uncompromising focus on player performance, safety, and recovery.


The team behind Warroad is a multidisciplinary team of experts that love hockey. They are laser-focused on altering the perception of hockey apparel.


We have been working with Warroad’s team, helping them to get profitable results from ads. We soon took over their Facebook campaigns, quickly expanded to interest targeting, and leveraged different ads.

The Challenge:

Warroad is a leader in hockey’s sports goods. The company needed a full marketing strategy to nurture their new leads, scale up their Facebook ad spend and get a constant source of revenue all year long.

The Results:

Using our years of experience and marketing knowledge to scale E-commerce. Warroad experienced growth in its Facebook performance. The first month working together, we were seeing an increase of 89% in sales revenue compared to the previous year.





CEO, Warroad

Warroad experienced a massive 77.8% year-to-year MER growth after we created Facebook campaigns. We decreased the cost per acquisition by -21.4% and increase the completed transactions by 35.3%

We leveraged different strategies on Facebook ads for warming up audiences, including video views and lead campaigns, getting a 43.2% new lead increase.

We also used dynamic creative ads with conversions and catalog sales objectives, and different formats like carousels, videos, collections, and images.

By the numbers:

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